Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Need to Organize

It became increasingly clear to me that there needs to be a groundswell of activism from concerned people who are not only invested in climate change in one role as parents, priests, professionals, poets, educators, artists, singers, folklorists and such, but as people; people who recognize the human urgency of needing to address the issue of greed that has allowed us to become distracted by our gadgets and our systems and miss the dying of the planet upon which we stand.

I am bringing together goals that can help us align ourselves to stop the madness. It has only been since 1968 that we have had a visual image of our earth from outer-space.  Less than 50 years ago, we learned to see how beautiful and awesome is the gem of an earth upon which we all stand and live.   Can we not swiftly learn to save her?

The goals are listed in the tabs to the left.  Click on them and they will take you to a new page that will help you become a GRASSROOTS CLIMATE ACTIVIST.